Dr. David Soud, Head of Research and Analysis

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Dr. Soud brings to I.R. Consilium the research, analysis, and communication skills he has developed in over two decades of work as an educator, researcher, and writer. As a leading expert in tracking and countering resource-related crime, he focuses primarily on illicit supply chains, especially those linked with precious metals, and currently serves as a primary investigator in related projects funded by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the US National Science Foundation. Prior to joining I.R. Consilium, Dr. Soud published books and articles for both academic and general readers in intellectual and political history, cultural events, literary criticism, and weapons. He is expert in tracking down sources, assessing complex situations, discerning deep connections and patterns of influence, and presenting his analyses in clear, precise, and accessible terms. He earned an AB in English from Davidson College, an MA in English from the University of Delaware, and a DPhil in English from the University of Oxford.

Full CV available here.